Leisure and Hobbies

  • Hanging device
    for golf bag
  • 36 holes [30km]
    without charging
  • up to 14 km/h
  • 15° slope

A Reliable Electric Vehicle for Sports and Games

WODCAR is a hardworking and reliable companion for your leisure activities. The eclectically-powered, environmentally friendly vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 12kph, transporting your sports equipment, such as golf clubs or fishing rods and tackle, at ease. Just as with a Segway, WODCAR allows you to go for drives and explore landscapes in a completely relaxed manner. A low centre of gravity and a special rotating joint mean that WODCAR is stable and easy to steer, even on difficult terrain. As the electric vehicle’s measurements when folded up (150cm x 78cm x 61cm) mean it can fit in any car’s luggage compartment, you can take it with you to wherever you may need it, such as to the golf course or to the seaside.